SCCImage-AdWelcome to Small Church Coaching. We’re in the process of developing this training site for small church pastors and their congregational leaders.

When we’re finished you’ll be able to sign up and receive one year of month-by-month training that will help you break through the next level of church growth. Resources will include:

  • Video training for you and your membership
  • Discernment of your personal leadership style
  • Discovery of your personal life mission
  • Step by step process to align your ministry with your mission
  • Step by step discernment of your church’s mission, values, and vision
  • How to build a spiritual foundation with your congregation
  • How to identify your church’s leaders … both the positional ones and the relational ones
  • How to build alliances to further the church’s vision
  • How to change the church’s culture from “In” to “Out”
  • How to increase your visitor count
  • How to turn visitors into returning guests … and ultimately to committed members

All that’s coming.

Until then, check out the following resources to help you get started:

http://EffectiveChurch.com (be sure to grab the Toolbox)


See you soon!